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Thursday, 2016-12-08, 12:54 PM
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I have been blogging for more than 2 years and recently started to feel bored and tire on blogging. I have worked lesser for this blog for the past few weeks and hope that both my traffic and income can be maintained. But thing doesn't go as I wish. Because I didn't publish as much content as I usually do and put lesser effort on SEO. As a result, I experienced a quite serious drop in Google Rankings for several keywords. My traffic decreased more than 20% and makes lesser money from this blog.

And now, I didn't feel like I want to brings back my Google rankings and recover my traffic and income level. With the traffic now, I still make enough for my living. Moreover, I have found another way to make money recently. It is quite an interesting way of making money but has nothing to do with the Internet. I now feel like want to focus more on this than blogging. I have switched some of my time and effort from blogging to this new way of making money and have got some good result. If thing continues to go well, I will make far more than blogging. But, because I still in the testing stage, so I didn't want to reveal it here yet.

On the other hand, it is not easy to make money blogging on long term. Once you have built up consistent traffic for a blog, you must continue to publish new blog posts regularly. This is to ensure your traffic can grow from time to time. If you publish lesser blog posts every week, you will find your traffic keep on failing. So, you have to keep your content publication frequency in order to survive in blogging for long term. You must be willing to do research to get content ideas and write for your blog regularly. Getting content ideas and publishing blog posts on an ongoing basis will be a tough challenge to you if you want to make money blogging for long term.

For this blog, I still will publish articles that are useful for making money online. But, because I have other thing to focus on, the blog posts and articles that publish here will be slightly lesser. Occasionally, I still will do some blog marketing and SEO to recover some of my traffic. And, I finally I would hope to stop blogging in the third quarter of next year. It’s just too boring and tire to blog for long term to me.

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